Empathy – the Intelligence of the Heart

Seminar for professionals working with children 

23th – 25th September 2016

How can you in the every day life of children in kindergarten and school create an environment, where it is possible to develop mindfulness, empathy, awareness, spontaneity, joy of life and inner peace?

The seminar will have the form of a workshop, and we will work with 5 types of simple tools, which can help children to get a better contact to themselves and to the intelligence of the heart.

The seminar will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), indoors as well as outdoors in the nature and will alternate between lectures, exercises in mindfullness and awareness, bodyexercises, exercises in relational competence and works on dreams and creativity.

Seminar leaders: Robin Menges and Katinka Götzsche


Price: 390 € + VAT  (22%)

Included in the price: course programme, hand-outs, snacks & drinks.

Payment possible in monthly installments.

Additional information: info@familylab.si



Friday, 23. 9.:  14h – 19h
Saturday, 24. 9.:  9h – 18h
Sunday: 25. 9.:  9h – 13h