Robin Menges

• Clinical and health psychologistRobin Menges
• Family counselor: Family- and couples therapy
• Supervisor for teachers and professionals in psycho-social areas
• Training and teaching for professionals and within the university for teachers training
• Leader of the IGfB- International training Institute for relational competence

In my daily work as a psychologist and supervisor I work intensely with the concept of relational competence, developed by Jesper Juul, Helle Jensen and Peter Mortensen as well as with the mindfulness concept developed by Jes Bertelsen and Helle Jensen. I have focused on these concepts since 2002 and through a long-term collaboration with Helle Jensen (since 2011) I have received ongoing training in her empathy and mindfulness concept.

I have been fascinated by personal development since the beginning of my adulthood and making personal contact possible in difficult situations is my main professional (and private) concern. This necessitates mindfulness, metallization, empathy and leadership. Working with relational competence enables developmental space for adults and children and enables healing in hurt relationships

I was trained as family counselor by Jesper Juul and his colleagues from 2002-2007 and took ongoing family therapy and supervisory training through the